Energy, Passion, Strength. This year Taao Kross will continue to grow! | Interview


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Taao Kross is a DJ and electro house & progressive house producer living in Ibiza, who’s passion and enthusiasm behind the decks has made him one of Spain’s star talents and lead to a residency with Pacha Ibiza. The trademark Taao Kross sound can be attributed to his attention to detail, coupled with powerful beats and great melodies. This combination, as well as a new artistic direction, is primed to take Taao to a new musical level as he creates and explores new sounds to keep his fans guessing.

What was your biggest challenge in 2018 and how did this year start for you?

My biggest challenge has been to complete an incredible year, acting in more than 17 different countries and before more than 1,000,000 people.This year has started amazing with a tour of 4 dates in BRAZIL and the release of my new single "I belong to you" along with the incredible CHRIS WILLIS edited by Warner Music Spain.

You are  one of  Spain’s star talents who has held a residency with Pacha Ibiza, where you have played for Steve Aoki and Guetta’s infamous "F*** Me I’m Famous" parties. How did you get involved with the club in the first place and how do you feel about being resident DJ for such a respected brand?

It’s a unique and unforgettable experience, being in the best club in the world and with the best teammates ... it makes you a better artist. I learn every season a lot from each and every one of the artists who pass by there. It also helps me to become bigger in the industry and continue achieving my goals.

How do you constantly push yourself to progress and upgrade your production/dj sets?

I’m a person very involved every day in the industry, research, study, analyze and practice new things continuously. I am working on this 24/7 throughout the year.

What is it about Ibiza you love? How do you think Ibiza has evolved over the years?

I really like the Ibiza day, its beaches, its atmosphere -  although the night is something incredible that allows you in the same day to meet different artists, different genres and incredible crowds and audiences from all walks of life.

Do Spanish people regard Ibiza in the same way as many others (as this magical rave island)?

The Spaniards see Ibiza as a global icon of electronic music, for many traveling to Ibiza is a dream that not all meet.

If you had to choose one element of your music that defines your music as a whole, what would it be and why?

The energy, the passion, the strength ... it is something that I have and I must transmit in each show, it is essential for me.

How did the collaboration for “I Belong To You” with the with the US singer/songwriter Chris Willis come about? Can you please walk us through the production of the tune and how you approached the creative process behind it?

I had a clear idea that I needed Chris to work his magic, and we got there very fast. I’m a producer with a very clear musical concept, so the fact we could realise this together made for a great final release! From the original idea we worked on 2 very similar instrumentals and 2 vocals that finally gave us the final. I am very happy because it was 2 months of work.

Between music production and DJing, which one is your priority?

Now I’m very immersed in the production. I want to finish 2019 with my music finalised and then focus on the world tour.This part of the tour for me is essential, it is the only way to take my artistic side to all corners of the planet.

What particular memory makes you smile when you think back about last summer? What were the standout moments for you?

I have very good memories of Ibiza and of Tomorrowland Unite in Malta. I performed in 2 different countries on the same day ... there are so many occasions that it is difficult to keep one!

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You clearly have an extremely busy schedule performing all over Europe and the rest of the world. Is there still a place you’ve never played, but would really like to? 

I am lucky to visit almost the entire planet with my tour dates, but I still have Oceania ... it is the only part of the world that I have not been to. Although I really like to play in China, the fans there have no limits!

What’s your most treasured tool in the studio and what’s so good about it?

The GENOS keyboard of YAMAHA is an impressive tool that is helping me a lot in new productions and facilitating the creativity of new sounds.

What’s your DAW of choice?

I use ABLETON, at the moment it is my perfect partner for everything I am doing.

If you could choose one DJ, producer or an artist you'd like to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

I have admiration for many colleagues, maybe now I would like to work with Swedish House Mafia and with David Guetta for all the times we have played together – I’m excited to announce what is new for this summer very very soon!

Which DJ would you like to swap places with for one day if you could?

Calvin Harris - admired for his level of production, his ability, his level in all musical aspects. Although a day as Swedish House Mafia must be amazing…

If you could go back in time to when your career started, what advice would you give yourself?

I have been lucky enough to always work in the direction I wanted to do, but what I would do now would be to produce much more from the beginning, that is to say the level I am now, I always want to be doing.

Please recommend us some ''must listen'' tracks.

Unquestionably, my new single 'I BELONG TO YOU' with the voice of Chris Willis, I am very happy with the results and it gets great reactions from the audiences at my shows.

Outside of music, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy my family very much, it is something that has no price.

If you had to come up with a slogan to sell a Taao Kross set what would it be?

'The best is yet to come.'

Thank you very much for your time! What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

It's going to be a very nice year, I'm going to release a lot of great music, I have very interesting projects and we're going to keep going around the world. This year TAAO KROSS will continue to grow.Thanks to you for all the support. See you soon!                                                                        




Interview made by Adriana-Laura L., DJs Arena 2019.