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Danish finest MORTEN keeps impressing his audience, now with this huge tune "Polar". The record builds momentum on major, big room chords, while thrilling sounds and pounding beats will make sure this is DJ's favorite for a long while. 
Incredible support on this one, including David Guetta, Hardwell, Alesso, Martin Garrix, W&W, Afrojack and many more playing it.

Really great to catch up with you MORTEN! How and when did you begin exploring electronic music? Which came first for you: producing or DJing?

Hey guys! I looked through the questions and I’m excited! I started djing in an early age. I was 13 years old and there was a youth club where you could learn how to practice on vinyls. At 16 I had my first gig in a club. I played everything from Prodigy to 2Pac. After opening for Rune Rk (now Kölsch) in the age of 21, he invited me into his studio and we made a song together and that's how I got into producing.

Congratulations on the release of your new track "Polar". Can you please walk us through the production of the tune and how you approached the creative process behind it?

Thank you! 'Polar' is a record that really set the sound for me. I did an album in 2009 where I was working a lot on analogue sounding sounds from Zebra 2. Now a decade later I redeveloped this sound with David Guetta. Polar is a club track we did in Ibiza. It’s built around the melody, Massive X did the job. Creating a break that’s fun for Dj’s to play out. I’m super happy with how the mixing turned out. I think it sounds huge on the drop for a festival but still have that club feel!



How would you describe your signature sound? Would you say that any specific artists inspired your unique melody?

I would say I have my own sound. If you go back and hear my early productions like 'Domestic' feat Nik & Jay or 'Blackbird Down' from 2009. I believe you can clearly hear my musical DNA and my sound. I love 'cold' sound universes, analog sounding synths and minimalistic productions. I'm a big fan of long build ups from techno music and I love when the energy is massive before the drop!


How have your goals for performances changed over the years from when you first started to now selling out large venues? 

My goals have changed through out the years as I've gotten more experienced and I have achieved older goals. To be honest my goals as in right now is just to make great music. That's my only focus.


How did growing up in Denmark influence your career? How did you start to get more deeply immersed in the EDM scene?

In Denmark we really didn’t have that big of a EDM scene before I became succesful there. I believe I opened the doors for the rest of the dj’s, taking electronic music from the clubs to the big festivals. I have always been very inspired by the international scene and never really felt inspired by the Danish scene. If I had to mention some I would say Trentemoller and Rune Rk, I really loved their music a lot!

Would you say that the music scene in the European countries differs from the music scene in the States? What differences do you notice when it comes to nightlife in the US compared to Europe?

Good question, the gab in the electronic music scene between Eu and the states right now is so big. They love the bass house and dubstep in America where in europe techno, house, melodic techno so on is massive.

Are you going for a certain kind of vibe in your releases this year, or might they be more of a mix of styles?

Yes, I’m doing a lot of rave, I love big sound, but with a more 'cool' take to it I think. Longer buildups, and no '3’2’1' before the drop but sounds from the underground in a ravy mainstage environment, if that makes any sense. In my head it does.

Can you think of one or two artists that you’d like to work with someday that would be a dream collaboration?

Prodigy and Paul van Dyk what a mix that would be.

You’ve collaborated with one of the biggest names in the business - David Guetta for "Make It To Heaven", "Never Be Alone" and a remix for Avicii's "Heaven". How did this collab come about? How is it working with him?

I have known David for many years, so I've always been sending him my music. Last year I sent him some music I was working on, he loved it and we finished it together. It so crazy working with him. He is super talented and so inspiring and the most positive person ever! I always tell him we need to document how we work and how crazy he is with the music but I think he’s shy or he’s playing hard to get cause he never really show how he work in studio, but he’s a beast! The way he works with chords and song writing is just phenomenal. One of the best in the world!


Following this massive success, what are some goals that you have? Can we expect more collaborations from you and David Guetta?

Yes, we have a new record in the pipe line! Coming early marts! Rave record, big for the festivals and many others after that as well. ;)

And we just finished a crazy remix of an old classic!

What’s your most treasured tool in the studio and what’s so good about it?

Mixing the low end are so important in making electronic music. Not to sound to nerdy but if the frequencies are not right specially in the low parts you don’t catch the right emotion and energy. That is something I pay a lot of attention to.

What’s your DAW of choice?

Ableton Live

What are some of your favourite venues to play? If you could take the stage at any location around the world, where would it be and why?

Hï in Ibiza is crazy! Also Liv Miami is very challenging because the crowd is so spoiled, I love that. Marquee NYC love that one as well.

What has been the biggest piece of advice that someone has given you in your life?

Focus on you, don’t look at other or listen to people around you. Make you and listen to you. 

Which DJ would you like to swap places with for one day if you could?

 I’ll take David’s place, he knows that.. haha

If you had to come up with a slogan to sell a MORTEN set what would it be?


What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Bob Marley and techno. Weird combo — I know

With your current experience, what would you recommend to people who are about getting a tattoo?

I’m the wrong person to ask, please don’t take advice from me regarding tattoo’s. I get tattoos if I'm bored that I might regret the day after and the day after again I love it.

What do you do to relax when you aren't making music/DJing? How do you stay healthy (meals, sleep due to schedule, alchohol)?

Minimum alcohol no drugs, weed rarely, but it gives me anxiety. Work out alot and eat good healthy food.

Thank you for your time! Lastly, is there anything else you want to share with your fans?

Thank you guys! Yes, get ready for 2020, can’t wait to see you guys out on festivals, clubs this summer!

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Interview made by Adriana-Laura L., DJ's Arena 2020