In conversation with Zen/it: No matter the trends, music is emotion, and that’s what I want to bring to the audience.


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Zen/it is a multi influenced artist coming from the electronic music scene. He quickly got inspired by cinematic ambiences and video games. Zen/it put his unique sound on his music - energetic and beautiful - sometimes brutal but always heartfully.
"No matter the genre, I want to tell you my story". Zen/it music is gonna definitely push the boundaries to bring a light into his dark and deep universe.

You are an artist already familiar with the electronic music scene. Please tell us about your journey. How did you decide to get into the music business? Was there someone who influenced you to do so, another artist or family member?

One day, when I was 13, after school I turned on the radio and I totally felt in love with what it was playing. It was a record from Tiesto! From then I wanted to know more about this world, so I started discovering - I also found a forum filled of young producers who shared ideas about music producing. So, that’s how I started to create my own tracks!

What label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract their attention for them to sign your track? Was it an easy or difficult goal to achieve?

My first ever release (when I was 18) was on an Italian label that used to release techno/minimal music, I did just send an email introducing myself with the attached track!

How would you describe your style for the people that didn’t hear your music yet? What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?

I would describe it as progressive house mixed with dark-trancy and cinematic sonorities, but I don’t feel that is 100% appropriate, I’m basically doing what I have in mind without really sticking to any particular rule! That is mostly what I want to communicate, no matter the trends, music is emotion, and that’s what I want to bring to the audience.

How did you come up with your stage name?

I have chosen this name because I felt my sound would fits nice with the Zen philosophy (so, something introspective and trippy) and it could have seen as a verb too, for example, everyone can create a song, but not so many of them try to express themselves through it .. they have to zen it (make it their own) a little more!

What inspired you to produce your latest single “Ashamed"?

I always loved a song from Imogen Heap, called ‘Hide and Seek’, the way the vocal was harmonized really impressed me, it’s incredible how many emotions an ‘acapella’ can rise! So I wanted to try to create something near that with my style.

If you could choose one DJ, producer or an artist you’d like to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

At the moment I would say Virtual Self, his vintage trancey vibes mixed with those hard beats amazes me!

How important do you think it is for DJs to be also producers?

Nowadays is very important, being a DJ is an art but being a DJ and Producer is for sure a BIG plus!

What kind of equipment did you start out with? How much has that changed to this date?

I started producing with a laptop , a pair of old monitors , Fruity Loops and a lot of passion.. but things didn’t change that much to this date: I’m still using a laptop, I changed DAW with Ableton Live, I got a pair of KRK VXT6 monitors and a midi piano controller: that’s all I need!

Favourite piece of equipment/gadget.

I’m having a lot of fun Ableton Push 2 lately!

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

I like many, but if I have to chose I would still say Virtual Self.

Who would you like to remix your music?

I would say 3lau and Mat Zo, love their style!

What has been the biggest piece of advice that someone has given you in your life?

Once someone said to me: be yourself, don’t always stick with plans, no matter what kind of decisions you will take, do whatever makes you feel happy and right for you.

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

When I’m not in the studio, I love to do ‘Downhill’ with my mountain bike.And of course I freaking love Sport cars!

Please recommend some "must listen" tracks to our readers.

Of course! Here are some:

3lau - Game Time : something very fresh in my opinion

Moonbeam - Sky : a record I was used to hear everyday back in 2008

Virtual Self - Ghost Voices

Bottai - Assioma

Zen/it - Hypnosive : :D

Thank you for your time! A message for all the people out there who love electronic music.

Thanks for having me, and stay tuned.. tons of new stuff are coming!



Interview made by Adriana-Laura L., DJs Arena 2019.