1. Hello guys, what are you doing? How did this year start for you?

Releasing 2 massive remixes within days of each other on 2 of the most respected labels in the world, its easy to say we had an amazing kick start into 2011. The success of Jose Nunez's "Yesterday" on Subliminal and Mighty Dub Kats "Magic Carpet Ride" on Southern Fried catapulted our sound into every global Dj's set list. We had tremendous support by Tiesto, Erick Morillo, & Roger Sanchez, to name a few. Continuous support from those guys is something that really keeps us motivated in what we love to do.

2. Who are The House Moguls? How would you describe your style for the persons that didn’t heard your music yet?

The House Moguls consist of Bill Basil and Gus Calderone. Hailing from Chicago, IL USA and both driven by music from a very young age. Our musical influences have definitely covered a wide range of genres and it really shows in our productions. We consider our sound to be really unique and authentic. A mix between Big Room Progressive, Tech, & House Music.

3. You are one of the best house music producers. For how long have you been doing this and how did it start? What musical background have you got?

We've been producing together since the early 2000's, but have been Djing since the mid 1990's. Being Dj's before becoming producers really gave us the knowledge of the dance floor and how to arrange our records from a Djs point of view. Because of our musical back rounds, becoming producers was something that came very natural to us and was something we knew would help us achieve a global imprint on the Dance Music community. We both played various instruments and both studied music throughout our lives. Gus studying Recording Arts at the prestigious Full Sail in Orlando, FL and Bill studying Musical Theory and Music Business at Columbia College Chicago.

4. Why did you choose this name for your project - The House Moguls? What is the significance?

We Co Produced & Remixed Josh The Funky 1's "Universal Sound" in 2005 for System Recordings. We didn't have a name but wanted something that unified us and that described what we do with a twist.

5. Regarding the musical creation, what are the main influences? Where are you inspiring from when you produce a track or a mix?

There are many things that influence us while we're in the studio. Sometimes we'll listen to what's being played at the moment or a record we played that worked the crowd really well. Some days that influence helps us and some days it doesn't influence the end sound at all. Once we're locked into doing a project our main goal is that the build ups are huge and the record really works well on a dance floor as well as a massive festival. Where we are seeing a lot of our tunes getting plays as of lately.

6. Between music production and DJ-ing, which one is your priority?

Its a very difficult question to answer. Djing and Producing really do go hand in hand. Although our production is what gets used in global campaigns and has the potential to launch the massive tours and endorsements, Djing is where our roots are and is still something we both love to do. Both experiences are extremely rewarding to us both.

7. You have created a lot of succesful remixes on songs belonging to Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Crookers, Basement Jaxx, Common, David Guetta and Mighty Dub Kats. Which one do you think totally defines your style and which one made you rise in the charts?

Picking a style has always been a problem for us because we're constantly evolving and progressing as artists. It seems that a lot of producers make a hit record and they recycle the sound for the next 10 records they produce, and that has been something that we never wanted to happen. We want a Dj to be able to play 5 House Moguls records back to back in a set and you never know they're all made by us. Its tough to pick our biggest remix to date, but it has to be our remix of Daft Punk's "One More Time". That remix was made in 2007 and it is still consistently played by everyone from bedroom Djs to heavyweights like Fedde Le Grand, MSTRKRFT, Sebastian Ingrosso, & Pete Tong. Its one of those records that had such acclaim as the original that our take on it was just a little push to resurface it again. We've heard it played everywhere from Soul South Korea World Festival to Pacha in Ibiza. It truly is a dance music anthem.

8. Do you regret any decision made during your career? If you could to give back the time, how would you straighten it?

The only regret we have is that early on, we really took on too many projects and it burnt us out for a bit. We were so happy with all the positive feedback and all the projects that were coming in, that we didn't want to tell anyone no. But after that we took some time off and got back on track on a much less grueling schedule. This has made us both a lot more productive in a much more positive way.

9. If you were to pick some Dj’s who’d had brilliant performances in 2010, which one would you choose?

2010 was definitely the year of the Swedish House Mafia. Individually as artists and the 3 of them together have wowed every audience they have seen this year with their skill as Djs and Producers but as well with their demeanor and love for the scene as a whole.

10. What about young electronic music talents? Which you think will have a good rise this year?

We're always looking at new upcoming talent not just because we're interested in what the new guys are doing but because we also A&R for Funktion Recordings and the Funktion Black label. Currently we've been hearing a lot of great tunes, but one that stands out the most is Dice Bomb by Jimmy Terracino. We've been working with him for sometime and are hoping to help catapult his career to the next level.

11. Recommend us some „must listen” tracks.

Some of our favorite tunes from our catalog are The House Moguls feat Teddy - U Can't Hide, Jose Nunez feat Shawnee Taylor "Yesterday" The House Moguls Remix, & The House Moguls - Fiv3. This is a prime example of 3 House Moguls tunes that have some similarities but are completely different overall.

12. What is your opinion about online promoting? Which are the advantages and desadvantages?

Internet promotion is an excellent tool that we use to promote ourselves a lot. Its extremely cost effective and it lets us reach consumers in ways we never could've without it. However, its very time consuming and its completely over saturated. So do the research and you'll find amazing music from some truly talented artists from all over the world.

13. What can you tell us about: 'Never trust a DJ who can't dance'? Are you pro or against it?

Well Gus can dance and Billy can Shimmy, so with that I would say we're PRO dancing and shimmy-ing when done in moderation!

14. Why do you think most of the teenagers nowdays want to become a DJ?

When we were growing up Djing was kind of looked at like we must be nerds because we spent all day practicing in our basements without a crowd to dance to it. Nowadays, you can buy a laptop today and be a Dj by tomorrow. Unfortunately the technology has advanced Djing in such a way that absolutely anyone can do it. We've seen some Djs who are very talented on laptops but have also seen some who are terrible. Its not like years ago when in order to play, you had to be a pro at it.

15. There is a place where you have not had the opportunity to mix, but you really wanted?

I think we both would like to play a set at Pacha in Ibiza, Sensation White, and Liberty Parade.

16. Laptop or CDJs? Why?

For us we are playing on CDJS. Since we started Djing using vinyl and carrying crates and crates of records to every gig traveling with a book of Cds in extremely efficient. Playing on a laptop it sometimes seems like the Dj is staring into the screen more then the crowd. Our attention needs to be focused on the energy in the room not making sure our computer batteries are plugged in.

17. Favourite piece of equipment/gadget.

We really use all of the gear in both of our studios on a daily basis so we can't choose just one piece. Vintage analog gear is our favorite!

18. What tunes are on your playlist at the moment?

Top tunes in our sets:The House Moguls feat Teddy - U Can't HideThe House Moguls - Bang BangMark Knight - Yalta GrooveSergio Gallegios - MadamDj Madskillz - Carnival Choas (Format B Remix)The House Moguls - Fiv3

19. What to be expected from The House Moguls in the near future?

As for the future of The House Moguls we've already been commissioned remix work on a few major labels and we plan on focusing as well on more original releases to launch on a commercial scale. Also, staying true to our progressive room staple House Moguls sound and turning out big festival bangers as always.

20. A message for Romanian people.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this interview and we hope you enjoyed learning about us! For more information on us please visit our website There you can find links to all of our social outlets and direct links to our various music pages. We hope to see you all very soon! Be well.Billy & GusThe House Moguls

Thank You & Good Luck!

Jose Nunez Feat. Shawnee Taylor 'Yesterday' The House Moguls Subliminal Remix
Daft Punk 'One More Time' The House Moguls Remix
The House Moguls 'Music Is Movin'
Stafford Brothers Feat. Jamie Lee Wilson 'Champagne Nights' The House Moguls Remix
Planet Funk 'Chase The Sun' The House Moguls Remix
Ron Carroll Feat. Ce Ce Peniston 'In Love With A DJ' The House Moguls Remix
Missy Elliot '4 My People' The House Moguls 2010 Remix
The House Moguls In The Studio


The House Moguls

The House Moguls (Bill Basil a.k.a. Billy The Kid & Gus Calderone), are among the most impressive DJ/Producer & Remix artists to come out of the United States in some time. Artists such as Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Crookers, Basement Jaxx, Common, David Guetta & Mighty Dub Kats, to name a few, have all been remixed by the duo. Quoted by MSTRKRFT as 'the people responsible for creating the best Daft Punk Remix of all time." Mix Mag says 'these guys are on a roll.' 'The DJ elite is stomping at their feet for remixes.' Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace of House Music, The House Moguls in only 5 years have created an outstanding platform of success. Their tracks have been used for world-wide Prime Time Hit T.V. shows, licensed to fashion campaigns, featured in the Cannes Music Festival Midem and licensed globally. Their work consistently rises on shows & charts such as: Pete Tongs Radio 1, UK Buzz Chart, Cool Cuts, Essential Mix, Bill Board Dance Chart, Matt Darey's Nocturnal Radio, Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' and Tiesto's 'Club Life'. They have also received continues support from superstar DJs around the world.

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