Richard Judge misses his Miss America


Richard Judge is no stranger to success. Perhaps most known for the voice on Robin Schulz’s smash single "Show Me Love", the British born DJ/Producer has further triumphs to his name having accumulated an impressive discography of singles in recent years. Now, unveiling his latest single – "Miss America" – Richard steers his voice into catchy, pop-dance territory once again with a cute Red, White, and Blue love song.
There’s a soft, almost shyness in Richard’s top-line on this release “ Miss America, I miss America” indicating its lyrics deeper meaning. And whilst that is the case, it never distracts from what is a beautifully laid vocal part over a rising warm big room house-tinged melody. The result is a buoyant vibe on what is a love song with all the melancholy feel of a pining heart.
Miss America is the story of the girl that got away. My ‘Miss America’, explains Richard discussing the record. I wrote it whilst in Nashville. What started off as me just noodling away on the balcony of my apartment with my acoustic guitar quickly turned into this big festival anthem. I love the record, not just because what it means personally, but because it really exemplifies the vision and sound I’ve always had with my music. Which is to be very emotive lyrically, whilst having that powerful musical expression that grabs the listener; whether that’s at home or in the middle of a festival crowd.
Alongside his chart scaling success with Robin Schulz, which to date has amassed over 67 million streams on Spotify and over 60 Million on YouTube as well as going multi-platinum in Europe, Richard’s also collaborated with artists such as Kungs, Sam Feldt, Spada and German duo Tube & Berger.
There’s a foot-stomping quality to this full-blooded American folksong that feels like it could be heard in a Midwest bar off the highway, just as much as it could be heard on any metropolitan radio station. Let’s hope Miss America is listening…