DJ, producer and creator of the 'So, Happy in Paris?' parties, Michael Canitrot lives for his fundamental passion, music, each week-end in the greatest nightclubs from Paris to Miami and from Barcelona to Tokyo. Michael is sought after to create and direct custom sound designs for luxury brands such as Dior, Cartier, Versace, D&G, Prada and the Crazy Horse cabaret, allowing him the opportunity to further his music in the most demanding contexts. It has been a great honour for him when the International Cannes Film Festival asked to him to imagine his own soundtracks for their Red Carpets and official parties. Obsessive and meticulous, Michael’s perfectionist nature complements his musical creativity. His style is an eclectic, rhythmic and melodic blend of House, Deep, Afros, Latinos, Classics, Disco. Michael grew up listening to Soul, Funk, Disco and Rock, but his sound is also a product of his many travels and experiences. Michael’s culture and artistic open-mindedness enables him to create timeless and universal music. 1. Bonjour Michael Canitrot, thank you for spending some of your time with us. How are you?
Very good .. thanks you.
2. Describe yourself and your work in few words. How would you describe your style for the persons that didn’t heard your music yet?
Hey, I'm a French DJ-Producer based in Paris. I have a musical profile composed by 70% of clubbing, 20 % of fashion and 10 % of cinema. I am at the origin of "So, Happy in Paris ?", one of the most famous House parties in France with 100 DJ sets per year all around the world !
3. Tell us 5 songs that represents you.
Earth wind and Fire « Fantasy » Nirvana « Come as you Are » Radiohead « Paranoid Android » Masters at Work « Work » Dennis Ferrer « Hey Hey »
4. What are the influences of your style as a DJ? Where do you fit?
When i was yound i was influenced by bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, Radiohead or Nirvana ... it's my musical background. Half of Black Music (Soul, Funk, Disco) and Half of Pop/Rock. But now i’ m listening a lot of electronic music of course from Daft Punk to Axwell …
5. How would you describe your sets? What are the styles you mix more often?
I play House Music, but i like to include some surprises in my DJ sets like an old school song of Disco or Pop/Rock … But it depend the feeling with the crowd, i’m always looking to share emotions. It’s the most important thing !
6. Regarding the musical creation, what are the main influences ? Where are you inspiring from when you produce a song or a mix ?
It’s difficult to say but … i’m always very inspiring when i’m travelling …
7. In your opinion, who’s the best: Michael Canitrot the DJ or Michael Canitrot the Producer?
Hard to say also … i know that i’m a good DJ but i want also to become a fantastic producer!
8. Who would you love to remix your music?
Dennis Ferrer… a true genius of House Music.
9. Regarding the progress of electronic music, do you think the Internet is an essential factor?
Yes of course, now your creation could be release worldwide in 5 seconds. Internet is also a great media when you’re a young talent … you can share your ideas, videos and music with the world! And if you ‘re relavant, you can find easily some new fans …
10. What to be expected from Michael Canitrot in the near future?
2011 will be a fantastic year. I m actually finishing a new single with Ron Carroll « When You Got Love » and also a new double compilation including a DVD … release in April /May … In may, i ll be once again, the official DJ of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, i ll play every day on the red carpets …. And Last i ll be on tour this summer … 40 parties everywhere in Europe. Very Very Exciting!
11. Describe your studio.
I like all the hardware stuff ... for me a good synth at home is important, it creates an atmosphere. My favorite one is virus TI from access. In my studio I have a Mac Pro with Logic 9, Genelec 1031A for the speakers, a Virus TI, a Korg M3. A digitally controlled analog Fatso JR and a Manley Massive Passive EQ.
12. What is your advice for young DJ’s that are just at the start of a DJ life ?
Be curious in all kind of music, a DJ has to have a good musical background … be curious and don’t hesitate to go and watch a famous DJ when he ll play in your city. It’s the best way to learn… And last, try to be creative, be yourself and trust in you !
13. A message for Romanian people.
Hi to all of you, you’re a fantastic country for electronic music … and i hope to see you soon ! Kisses from Paris.
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