Michael Calfan – Breaking the Doors (Music Video)


Enlightened sounds by Michael Calfan, releasing his much awaited new single ''Breaking The Doors''. Featuring a solid deep house groove and touching piano chords, the track progresses with Calfan’s characteristic productional sounds, including folky vocals and a melody that’s bound to touch crowds everywhere. Another highlight in the Frenchman’s oeuvre, things just keep on getting better!

The beautifully-shot video depicts a groom waking up in the middle of nowhere, struggling to remember the previous night. A series of flashbacks throughout the video reveal the development of his alcohol-fuelled antics, turning his own wedding from the idyllic to the nightmarish. Horrified, he rushes back to his unhappy wife. Whilst the sun-drenched setting and hazy, nostalgic style of shooting suits Calfan’s breezy style of house, the slightly melancholy nature of the subject reflects the introspective feel of ''Breaking The Doors''.

Following on from the imminent success of ''Treasured Soul'', Michael Calfan serves up his next profound production which will continue to push the boundaries of a genre he has strived to craft. With ''Treasured Soul'' having already clocked more than 8 million hits on YouTube as well as a further 14million on Spotify, Calfan has tapped into the minds of dance music fans and tastemakers alike, proving his worth in an industry that boasts such strong talent.

At the forefront of a respected wave of house, his ''soul house'' sounds delve deep into the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Driven by a catchy vocal hook and laced with big piano chords, ''Breaking The Doors'' points to the distinct melodies that Michael has effortlessly created. Momentum soon builds before breaking into a series of unique drops that provide the track with multiple layers throughout, proving that Calfan has consistency and depth in each of his productions.