Matt Lange – My Love Aside (mau5trap)


LA-based DJ and producer Matt Lange releases first single “My Love Aisde” from his upcoming album “Ephemera”. Its’ a minimally arranged techno composition with the kind of organic progression that feels ripe for an after hours dancefloor, as descibed by review. Out now on mautrap Recordings!

Lange says of the track: “Minus the vocal sample which I recorded of myself and mangled, ‘My Love Aside’ is almost entirely sourced from the modular. It’s based around a 5/8 isorhythm that lies on top of the fairly traditional 4/4 techno groove underneath it. The shifting all the melodic rhythm against the back beat is what, in my mind, keeps a simple 5 note motif interesting as it’s repeated over and over.

Matt Lange’s debut album ''Ephemera'' will be released on mau5trap on Sept. 11, and can be pre-ordered here.