Matisse & Sadko and Matluck pair up again on new smash Best Thing


The Russian brothers are showing their sense for catchy melodies once more with a melancholic masterpiece out on Valentines Day.

It all started on a sunny day in Amsterdam, when the duo put down the emotional chords and melody. In their mind, there was no other option than to send it to Matluck, who featured on their previous collaboration "Don’t Tell Me" in early 2019.


Matisse & Sadko, who are long-term collaborators of Martin Garrix, have built a reputation for their joyous sound design over the past years as they have continued to progress their signature sounds into new territories.

"Best Thing" is an example of them reaching into their back pocket and showing us something they hadn’t done before, a melancholic but hopeful interpretation of a ballad that merges perfectly with Matluck’s soft vocal performance.