Laidback Luke's Creative DJing Course is now live


For me, DJing has always been about 'the moment': seeing a track in your collection and thinking 'that’s the one!', and having the skills and confidence to drop it in a way that makes the crowds go wild!

Control, confidence and being the master of your equipment – those are the most important things! Read on to learn how my new course can give all of this to YOU. Laidback Luke

  • Say "goodbye" to boring transitions forever - Leave traditional intro/outro mixing way behind and power up your transitions, Luke style! All his big trademark techniques explained and demoed - "Drop Mixing", "Scratch Drops", "Climax Mixing", the "Bait & Switch".
  • Using effects to add excitement within tracks - "Don't be just a playlist!" says Luke. In this module you'll learn how to emphasise builds, perform "Fader Fills", execute "Delay Doubles" - this is how to make every track your own.
  • Multiple ways to transition across BPMs and genres - Luke reveals the three BPMs he likes to DJ at, and how to transition smoothly between them. He explains the "Tempo Rollercoaster", "Element Matching" genre switches, and how to effortlessly mix in and out of pop tracks, even when they cross decades! Never be stuck at one BPM or in one genre again!
  • The crucial difference between tempo and energy - This is one thing so many DJs fail to understand, yet once you know it, it lets you change genre and tempo without losing the dancefloor.
  • How to "jam" with cue points - Think you need to be a musician to jam? Luke shows how, by using cue points, you can invent instant riffs and variations on well-known melodies - no musical education or even previous preparation required!
  • Avoiding the dreaded "triplet trap" -  It's amazing how often DJs don't even realise they're doing this - but if you do, your mix is going to sound terrible - even though technically everything looks fine! Luke explains with several examples. From now on you'll avoid it in your sets (and spot it in everyone else's).
  • How to DJ with looped riffs - One of Luke's big secrets is DJing not just with whole tracks, but with their riffs - after all, it's the riffs people know, sing and love! He teaches you THREE ways to devastate dancefloors with looped riffs.
  • TOTAL acapella mastery - Just like DJing with riffs, DJing with acapellas is something Luke takes to a new level. You'll learn Luke's classic "two deck acapella transition", how to perform live acapella mashups, and two types of loop transition with acapellas.
  • How to use word play in your sets - Luke loves a cheeky pivot on a single word or phrase in his mixing, and he'll show you how you can spot and use word plays in your own sets.
  • How to begin and end sets, Luke style - Ever seen a video of Luke performing live - the way he just walks up to the decks, and "starts DJing"... and how the crowd goes totally nuts about 30 seconds later? Or, how he closes down sets or even completes festivals in an utterly original way, every time? He reveals exactly how he does it.
  • Three-deck mixing - Those extra decks aren't for show! Luke has a very particular way of using a third deck in his DJing, and he reveals to you exactly what he does (good news - this works on most controllers too, even those with just two mixing channels).
  • How to ride the pitch faders - Reckon you've got manual beatmixing down? Let Luke take you gently into the deep waters of "pitch fader riding" - a truly advanced technique that feels amazing once you've mastered it!

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Across its seven modules and 33 core lessons, Laidback Luke's Creative Mixing Course is a unique, complete blueprint to the way Luke DJs - not only is it unprecedented in the insight it gives into the methods of one of the world's best-known DJs, but it's the first time ANY A-list DJ has revealed this info about how they DJ, anywhere.