KSHMR unleashes Heartbeat on his own label Dharma Records


Melding dance pop and trance, KSHMR and FAST BOY create an unparalleled blend in their latest anthem, “Heartbeat”. KSHMR, acclaimed for his enthralling beats and melodic hooks, collaborates with Berlin-based, Platinum/Diamond certified artist, FAST BOY, manifesting a melange of captivating dance rhythms and poignant lyrics.

Their collaborations have touched industry behemoths like Topic, MEDUZA, Ofenbach & Öwnboss. Launched under KSHMR’s own imprint, Dharma, “Heartbeat” pulsates with an enthralling yet somber resonance, marking KSHMR’s triumphant return to his dance roots. FAST BOY’s vocals harmoniously weave through the track, adding a heartfelt touch to the dance anthem.

Basking in the admiration of 1.5 million Instagram followers, KSHMR’s influence reverberates in the music industry. With each fresh endeavor, KSHMR not only captivates a diverse audience but also continually fuels their anticipation. “Heartbeat” stands set to rule the global dance-pop scene, solidifying KSHMR and FAST BOY’s foothold in music’s dynamic landscape.