1. Hello, Krowne! Thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. How was 2012 for you and how did this year start?

Hey, cheers for having me! 2012 was my busiest year so far without a doubt. In Dec 2011, I had just released 'Distorted Thoughts', my 3rd release, and the 2nd ep 'Club Crunk for Monkeys', by myself and Asthmatic Astronaut, under the name Kromatic. At the same time I had just started working on the score and sound design for a film called 'Uncle Frederick'. This film kept me busy until March, and then I started back writing some new material. In June I entered the 'Orbital – Wonky Beatport' remixes competition and won. My remix got released on Warner/ADA/Beatport. Huge highlight to my year!Following this I then released 1 of my favorite ep’s to date 'Creating a Monsta', on Black Lantern Music. Along with this ep I was writing with Harlequinade (emcee and together we released 'City of Broken Dolls'.2013 looks to be like it’s going to be just as busy, if not more. I started of the year by releasing the sound track to 'Uncle Frederick', and next up is my first ever release on Italian label, 'Beat Machine', which I’m very excited about! The ep is called 'Welcome to Warp Street'; I’m very excited about the 3 tracks on this release. I‘ve also got the 3rd Kromatic ep, 'Sick Winter' coming out on Black Lantern late march or early April, defo one to watch out for!I have 2 other projects that I’m working on coming up later in the year, but they are a secret for now.

2. Can you tell us at what age did you decide to get into the music business? Do you think it's important for a producer to have a strong music background?

I got into Djing when I was 12/13 and I knew straight away that this was the life for me. From there it’s naturally progressed into being a producer. You can only go so long playing other artists music, before deciding it’s time to make you’re own. It’s very important to have some sort of music backround, whether it’s by being a dj, playing an instrument or just having a strong enough love for music and sound. The more diverse your backround in music has been, then the more diverse and creative you will be as a producer.

3. Tell us 5 songs that represents you.

That’s very tough, but I like a challenge :Kelpe – SuitcasingUnderworld – MoanerMadvillain – America’s Most BluntedEsther Phillips - Home is where the hatred isCaribou- Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)This list changes regularly, but these tracks mean a lot to me.

4. Have you ever had to take risk, talking from musical point of you?

Every release feels like a risk in a way, you never know if people will like it and download it. But the main risk I think I’ve taken, was taking on the film score and sound design work. At the time I had little experience in that field. Jobs like that can seem quite a challenge, but once you get started you soon find the pace and skills needed for the job.

5. What's your creative process when you're making a track?

My creative process varies from track to track. I like to write when I can, so to help keep the flow moving I listen to a lot of my favorite producers / bands. You can get obvious inspiration from this, but it also helps motivating me to try improve, learn more and to set higher levels to reach. I’m quite interested in Physics and I watch a lot of material about it. Learning about the crazy way the universe works, makes for great inspiration.Sometimes (rarely) magic just happens and a track just jumps straight out of my head and into Ableton, with little trouble. That’s the kind of moments I love!

6. Between music production and DJing, which one is your priority?

These days production is number 1, it is a time consuming job, can’t be helped. I love producing; I get a huge sense of job satisfaction when I’m in the studio. Although I do love Djing just as much and it’s had a fair slice of my time. I still do Dj gigs as well as Live-sets and whichever gig I have coming up, gets the same length of prep time. I take both very serious.

7. What other artists/DJs influence your work? What have you learned from them?

I see many artists as influences, in a wide range of genres. You end up learning a lot, whether it be a cool bit of synth automation that I can put my own spin on, arrangement of instruments, how they’ve mixed/structured a track, or generally just being blown away by how fucking amazing they are (which is usually the result, lol).


Influences:Richie HawtinMF DoomEl-pMr LifAsthmatic AstronautTextureIll Papa GiraffeMorphamishHarlequinadeKelpeCurtis MayfieldAretha FranklinDr OctagonTwo Lone SwordsmenCanTokimonstaDave AngelAmon TobinFree the RobotsKyussHerbie HancockPreFuse 73Jel(To name a few, plenty more)

8. If you could choose one DJ, producer or an artist you'd like to collaborate with, whom would it be and why?

That would have to be Kelpe. He is my favorite producer, his work is the perfect blend of the kind of genre’s I like to work with, except he’s perfected the sound. It always feels like a treat listening to his tacks and I could spend a long time studying them. So many different sounds and changes in his tracks, and each sound are amazingly crisp. I think working with a producer like Kelpe, would teach you crazy skills!

9. How important do you think it is for DJs to also be producers?

These days I think it’s essential. The days of making it big, purely off the back of being a Dj, are long gone. With the evolution in DAW/DJ technology today, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t learn both trades. I think most people expect it.

10. Do you agree with this situation that the electronic music became so hyper productive?

Well, the commercial world always ends up stealing all the good underground shit eventually. So this naturally leads to a boom in production. I think as long as producers keep coming up with fresh ideas (which they will) then who really cares. These situations will always happen. If it encourages more people to get into Djing/Producing or to give something new sounding a chance, then great!

11. What is your opinion about house music nowadays from its quality point of view?

Actually, I quite like a bit of House music, I grew up on that. Interesting point on that is that last year for example I found there was just as much good House on offer as there was Techno (I’m a Techno dj, but with a house/disco/techfunk element). Which is great as I like to switch it up when Djing. There is always room for house in my collection. Although as with most genre’s a lot of it really sucks.

12. How do you think the new generation will define itself?

Who knows, it’s hard enough trying to define myself, haha. Hopefully something even cooler than what this generation is at and not some pop circus!

13. How would you describe your sets? What are the styles you mix more often?

Mainly as a Dj I play Techno, but I have a big techfunk/house influence on my sets. I like to get a nice funky feel going, before getting a bit darker and dirtier! All depends on the gig and what tunes I’ve been buying at the time.I also like to mix funk, hip-hop, bass music & electronica in sets. I don’t get to spend the time I would like making these slower paced sets, but love how diverse you can be with this wide range in music.

14. What kind of equipment did you start out with? How much has that changed to this date?

My first decks were Kam belt drive decks, they sucked but I learnt to mix on them. I then upgraded to a set off 1200’s. Today I use the newer model 1200 MK5’s. I’ve had several cheap mixers in my time, but I’ve been using Pioneer DJM600 for a good few years now. I plan to upgrade, but it’s not a priority at the mo. My studio consists of laptop, Novation synth, Krk’s, analog desk, focusrite soundcard, and Krk headphones.

15. What is your favourite piece of equipment / gadget?

My favourite piece of equipment would have to be my Novation X-Station synth. It’s endless fun, rich sound, detailed features and controls, and no matter how much time passes, I still come up with new sounds with it.

16. Have you a favourite quote, something that inspires you?

I don’t really have a favorite quote that I can think off, but certain scenes in movies such as '2001: A Space Odyssey, 'Blade Runne' & "They Live", has given me a lot off inspiration in the last couple of years. It’s the same as a lot of sci-fi books I read like, 'Dr Bloodmoney', '2061', and 'Physics of the Impossible'.

17. What to be expected from you in the near future?

Look out for my release on Beat Machine and several more releases coming up through the year on Black Lantern Music. A lot of different sounds coming in 2013, very excited to see the response!

18. A message for all the people out there who love electronic music.



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