Kraftek release ''3x3'' remix EP with exclusive Tiger Stripes remix of Pleasurekraft's ''One Last High''


Having released four-track EP ''The Garden Of Earthly Delights'' last October, Kraftek have unveiled new remix EP ''3x3'' - featuring  a Tiger Stripes rework of Pleasurekraft's ''One Last High'', a Wade remix of Arjun Vagale's ''Clot'' and a Paride Saraceni remix of Fabian Argomedo's ''Expressions''. 

 With Pleasurekraft, Jaceo and Vedic's collaboration of ''One Last High'' first appearing on ''The Garden of Earthly Delight's'', regular label contributor Tiger Stripes - who recently appeared on Vonda7's 'Barryland'  EP - opts for a slightly darker approach for his remix, with Wade maintaing a similar cosmic techno-rhythym on ''Clot''. The EP's closing remix by Paride Saraceni for Fabian Argomedo's ''Expressions'' finds the London-based producer lean towards a more tribal-infused rework that follows Saraceni's signature percussive-heavy framework, and packages the EP as another diverse offering from the exploratory imprint.