1. Hi Jordan Rivera, thank you for spending some of your time with us. How are you ?

I am doing fine, very busy as always. Remixes, releases, movie soundtracks, radio guest mixes, promoting, signing new artists etc.. everything what you can expect from the electronic music.

2. Describe yourself and your work in few words. How would you describe your style for the persons that didn’t heard your music yet?

Very difficult question, as I am a very open minded person who like to experiment during the creative process of making music. To make it more simple just “House” music.

3. Tell us 5 songs that represents you.

Each song represent me I think, each one is a moment / feeling in my life. That is why I called my latest song ‘’ One Fraction of me’’, if you mix all my songs together you will get probably a copy of me ;-) lol, but if have to choose my favourites ones:- Love Weakness- Praise the one- Memories- Keep on holding- Que Cosita

4. What are the influences of your style as a DJ? Where do you fit?

I like to play music with a lot of groove, energy, vocals with big synths. I can fit in a small club and also in a big room.

5. How would you describe your sets? What are the styles you mix more often?

I have been playing in a lot of places and on different times. I have learned from my own experience to adapt my styles on the time and location I am playing and of course on the reaction from the crowd. I play a lot of stuff from other producers and try to mix it with some of my own productions. Lately I play with a lot of Tech-House influences, mixing it with big room vocal house music with a touch of progressive.

6. Regarding the musical creation, what are the main influences? Where are you inspiring from when you produce a song or a mix?

My main influence to arrange / make music are pictures in my head, feelings, experiences thru life. I always try to make a little story with the arrangement and music together. Some times I am inspired with other music, old, new etc.

7. In your opinion, who’s the best: Jordan Rivera the DJ or Jordan Rivera the Producer?

I don’t know exactly, but the producer in me will win I think. As I love to be the hole day in the studio. Even in my free time always looking or reading for new studio software / hardware. I amReally addicted. I also love to play music for other people, is really also a great feeling.

8. Who would you love to remix your music?

I would say Timberland, The Neptunes, Armand Van Helden ;-).

9. What about young electronic music talents? Which you think will have a good rise this year?

Wow, there are so many talented young DJ / producers in this days. I lost the count. As now you don’t need all the expensive studio equipment from back in the days or to invest money in vinyl’s.With a single laptop you can produce / record / play music. Is really incredible. I have been amazed by this young 16 year old producer from Medellin / Colombia, Ivan Project. He is been remixing some of my tracks.

10. Which was the most strange or unusual place you’ve been mixing ever?

At the Cinema for a movie premiere. Crazy, the cinema was turned in to disco before the movie started. One lady was so exited that she past out before seeing the movie.

11. Regarding the progress of electronic music, do you think the Internet is an essential factor?

Yes, internet is very essential I think. At least for me. I am always in touch with other colleagues, friends, fans etc. I can promote my stuff, my gigs etc. Of course you have all the piracy stuff going on. Even before releasing my songs you can download them, zippy share etc. At the very begin I was pissed off. But now I learned to live with it. If people like your song they really going to buy it anyway.

12. What to be expected from you in the near future?

A lot of more music, remixes, gigs, soundtracks, sample packages etc. At the moment working on collaboration with David Goncalvez, Benny Royal, Chique Benitez, Jodee kitch, Shereetha Campbell. Remixes and releases on Cause ‘N Effect, Housepital Records,Groove Masters Recordings, Number One Beats and my very own label FSM Recordings and more. I am also organizing my own label night in Amsterdam. First edition in the Bungalow 8 Amsterdam was very successful. The place was packed.

13. Describe your studio. Are you consider it a second home?

My studio has become a half little room in my apartment, I got everything I need. A Novation midi controller, PC with Focusrite Saffire 24, Ableton, a lot plugins / synthesizers, KRK RP6 studio monitors and what is left from my old big analogue studio, a Focusrite compressor, DBX compressor and equalizer, old Lexicon effect, a Rode NT2 microphone. I am very glad with the incredible development in the music technology. It was very difficult for me to leave al my analogue equipment behind at the beginning. All my samplers, specially the MPC 2000, racks with effects, sound modules, synthesisers, my old mixing consoles, the Ghost, my 24 alesis Hard disk Recorder etc. But finally I was convinced and sold almost everything. I used to work with a mac G5 with logic. Now I switch to a pc. I worked with Ableton. Is a very fine program to my opinion. My studio is not my second home, but my first and only home J. Literally in my home.

14. What is your advice for young DJ’s that are just at the start of a DJ life ?

Try to be patient and try to learn to play at different times, from warm up to peak time. Try to watch the crowd response. Don’t play what everybody is playing, be original. If you do try to do it different. Very important of course is making your own music. If you make your own music you will understand the process better.

15. A message for Romanian people.

Follow your dreams!

Jordan Rivera feat. Spoonface - Keep On Holding (Acoustic Radio Cut)

Interview made by Adriana L.L. © 2011 DJs Arena, Music News Romania. All rights reserved.

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