Symphony by Higly Sedated released on SIZE Records


A new album "Symphony" by Higly Sedated is released on SIZE Records. Steve Angelo personally signed the Grammy-nominated music band, Highly Sedated to the SIZE family in 2015.

Recorded live at The Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius, with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra providing a full backing soundtrack, comes the astonishing, beautiful and beat-laden new album. It was conducted by Modestas Pitrenas and arranged by Liutauras Janusauitis.

Recollective of iconic electro-analog bands like Faithless, Hybrid, and Massive Attack, "Symphony" is an elegant piece of work from the band members, Patrick Ray, Hannes Söderlund, Leonas Somovas, and Verner Westlund. The Swedish House Mafia hitmaker gave this Swedish-Lithuanian collective creative carte blanche – and it shows, in spades.

From the Alabama 3-esque opening single "Wasted Youth", with its controlled orchestral opening, to the dangerously inspiring "Got Some Water", teeming with high energy in the minor depths of the musical scale alike dark James Bond theme tune, Highly Sedated has always kept its audience hooked.

The album combines rock with classical and electronic with analog. The LP builds and moves like a living, breathing creature. The dynamism of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, a spine-tingling bonus to the band’s performance. Strings soar and strut through "Make Love", brass roars to life on "Highly Sedated", the entire orchestra coming together with guitars and vocals to reachabsolutely soul-stirring heights on singles "Existence" and "Last Call". Through the swelling, stirring rapture of "We Try", to the soothing strains of "Slip Away" that emit into a loaded, spine-tingling, dance floor call to arms, vocalists Ray and Westlund charge the atmosphere with ruthless energy, theirtoplines looping, dipping, and rushing up through the composition andproduction. 

"Symphony" by Highly Sedated is the essence of audiophiles’ dreams are made of. It's unlike anything else that has previously been released on SIZE Records. Mature, complex, and layered, the album should put Highly Sedated firmly on the international music map and the 2019 playlists of fans and musicians, universally.