1. Hello, Guy Mantzur! Thank you for your kindness and your time assented to this talk. How was the last summer season? Did you play any good parties and road test any new material?

"Hey, thanks! Yes, I had an amazing summer, such good parties with amazing crowds all over the world, such as the Kazantip Festival in Ukraine, Cosa Nostra in Malta, my Argentina tour, Ibiza as always, London – to name but a few."

2. You have recently been recognised at the prestigious XL Awards as the “Israel’s Best Underground DJ 2013”. How did you receive this and what does this distinction mean to you?

"It’s a contest that happens every year and to be honest I was really surprised, because it had also some of the really big names in Israel in there, the thing I love the most is that it was decided only by the audience’s choices, so it felt even better to get this amount of support."

3. Can you tell us how did you decide to get into the music business? Do you think it's important for a producer to have a strong musical background?

"From my side, I can say that I didn’t choose making music, the music chose me, I think if I didn’t make music I would feel incomplete. I think that it’s really important for producers to know the basics of music and maybe play one or two instruments, a lot of my tracks or ideas start from just having fun and playing piano or keyboard."

4. Regarding your producer skills, what are the main influences? How do you get inspired when you produce a track?

"To be honest, I can't put my finger on my skills, I think that I know when a track or an idea sounds good for me and then to keep on the process & going with the heart. I get inspiration from many things - it can be from other tracks I love, it can be from movies, feelings and even watching the sea sometimes can open my imagination."

5. If you had to choose one element of your music that defines your music as a whole, what would it be and why?

"Emotions - because these are the most basic things that music is first created from."

6. What are your views on the current state of techno and how do you see the genre progressing?

"I think that as for now there is a big & good mixture of all genres, it’s a good thing because more DJs and crowds are exposed to more music and this is an amazing thing for everyone."

7. How important do you think it is for DJs to also be producers?

"I know a lot of good DJs that are not producing but still they are great, but if you want to make an international career these days so you must produce your own music."

8. Your favourite producer at the moment.

"Guy J is amazing!!!"

9. Who would you like to remix your music?

"Carl Craig or Laurent Garnier."

10. What kind of equipment did you start out with? How much has that changed to this date?

"It has changed a LOT, I started at the age of 17 withan 8 channel Fostextape machine and it was so complicated then, these days you have many more options and can put out and try many more ideas."

11. What’s your most treasured tool in the studio and what’s so good about it?

"I learned that the best tool in producing is to recognize the moments that you are inspired and just to let it go, but if you want to be more specific, I can tell you that these days I’m using a lot the Dave Smith – Polly Evolver, it has such warm sounds that you don’t even have to EQ it or compress it, it is combined in the mix in his magical way, I love him!"

12. Which was the best event that you have mixed for?

"Every gig has it’s own magic, but I can tell you that I can’t wait to go back to theKazantip Festival, Argentina, Cosa Nostra in Malta and Club NL Amsterdam, for example."

13. Which DJ would you like to swap places for one day if you could?

"I would love to swap places with this new fresh insecure DJ named Guy Mantzur, in the days when he was only starting out and be able to tell him that everything is ok and he just has to keep and follow his heart."

14. There are lots of new producers and fans coming into techno now, what tracks should they listen to educate themselves with history of the genre?

"They should start with: Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Mix)."

15. If you had to come up with a slogan to sell a Guy Mantzur set what would it be?

"Stay calm and listen to Guy Mantzur!"

16. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

"I’m always so busy & pushing awaya lot of things because of making music and being a DJ, I want to know how to combine them with the normal and simple things of life, these are the most important things in the end."

17. A message for all the people out there who love electronic music.

"THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES, because without you all of this music is meaningless, you are the music!!"

Guy Mantzur – Moments (Sudbeat) SBCD001 is out now @ Beatport

Interview made by Adriana-Laura L. © 2013 DJs Arena. All rights reserved.