Felix Jaehn & Calum Scott release intimate video for Love On Myself


German superstar DJ and Producer Felix Jaehn and celebrated UK vocalist Calum Scott teamed up to deliver the incredibly moving single "Love On Myself". The duo have joined forces for the visual accompaniment to their hit summer track, delivering a stirring music video brimming with emotion.


The astonishingly intimate music video is a reflection of Felix Jaehn’s own personal and musical journey, as he bravely steps into the next stage of his musical career centered around genuine artistic expression and musical integrity. Focusing on both Felix and Calum as they move gracefully through a field of lavender, the video creates a deep connection between the two musicians and the viewer, encouraging them to follow in the duo’s footsteps and take time to understand, accept and love themselves.

The songs message stems from deeply personal experiences both artists had regarding their sexuality, but the message is a universal one. Speaking to those who feel unsatisfied, ostracized and alienated, Calum Scott’s uplifting voice reminds listeners that no matter where they go, they will always carry themselves with them; looking to others in search of happiness is fruitless because only once you learn to love and understand yourself will you be free to love people back. 
I was looking for answers in all the wrong places until I finally understood that I had to look inside and figure myself out in order to find what I was looking for. - Felix Jaehn

JUL 20 Parookaville, Weeze
JUL 26 Tomorrowland, Boom
JUL 27 Christopher Street Day, Berlin
AUG 22 Soundcheck, Washington
AUG 23 Breakaway Festival, Ohio
AUG 24 Ravine, Atlanta,
AUG 25 Marquee, Las Vegas
SEP 05 The Grand, Boston
SEP 06 Prysm, Chicago
SEP 08 Clé Nightclub, Houston