1. Hello, Eagles & Butterflies! Thank you for accepting our invitation to this interview. Do you believe that 2013 was a good year for the development of your career?

"You're welcome! 2013 has been amazing for me, I launched own label, have done loads of exciting music and was resident for Clandistin at Space Ibiza playing with the likes of Bookashade, Erol Alkan, Monkey Safari, Tiga and Felix Da Housecat every Friday. :)"

2. You are one of the most talented DJs/producers in electronic dance music. Can you tell us how did you decide to get into the music business (was there someone who influenced you to do so, another artist, family member musician etc.)? Do you think it's important for a producer to have a strong musical background?

"Thank you! :) I actually used to work from the other side of the fence, I was A&R for one of the Radio 1 DJs or years, then I managed artists, but music was always my passion from an early age. Yeah, I think you have to love music to be a producer but no real music background, I don't think."

3. Tell us 5 songs that represents you.

"Any 5 passenger or Micheal jackson tracks."

4. Between music production and DJing, which one is your priority?

"Production easy, its my favourite thing in the world, it goes hand in hand with the DJing though as I love playing live also."

5. Regarding your producer skills, what are the main influences? How do you get inspired when you produce a track?

"The world inspires me and everything in it from food to nature! I don't really look for inspiration to be honest, I just normally let things progress natural, I don't sit down and say right lets make a techo track today etc."

cats6. If you had to choose one element of your music that defines your music as a whole, what would it be and why?

"Melodies, all my tracks have to have feeling and soul, some cats are all about grooves, I'm all about melodies."

7. How would you describe your sets? What are the styles you mix more often?

"Music with feeling that makes you wants to shake your ass."

8. If you could choose one DJ, producer or an artist you'd like to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

"Passenger, easily my favourite artists of the last few years."

9. Your favourite producer at the moment.

"Timberland & Pharell."

10. Who would you like to remix your music?

"There are loads of great producers at the moment, but probably Kolsche."

11. What other artists/DJs influence your work? What have you learned from them?

"I love so much music. Its hard to say really from classical to hip hop, not normally so much influenced by DJs, saying that Marco Carloa blew me away this year at his 'Music on party', defiantly inspired after one of those nights! "

12. How important do you think it is for DJs to also be producers?

"Depends what your goals are really, I never started making music to be a dj... its deffeitly really important if you want to get noticed."

13. What is your opinion about house music nowdays from its quality point of view?

"I think there is a lot of good music out there and people spend to much time pidgeon holing stuffs and to much time moaning about this and that, good music is good music and thats how it should be looked at I think."

14. What kind of equipment did you start out with? How much has that changed to this date?

"I produce 100% of my laptop, nothing fancy at all... no outboard stuff or big sound set up."

15. Your favourite piece of equipment/gadget.

"My laptop. :)"

16. Which was the best event that you have mixed for?

"There have been lots of the recent month or 2, Space Ibiza with Bookashade, Pikes Ibiza with Felix Da House Cat, Jack in Ireland with Infinity Ink and the Bedrock 15 party in London where all amazing."

cats17. Which DJ would you like to swap places for one day if you could?

"Nina Kravitz. :)"

18. If you had to come up with a slogan to sell an Eagles & Butterflies set what would it be?

"I like my label names actually 'spread your wings' basically broaden your horizons and listen to some stuff your maybe normally wouldn't."

19. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

"I just want to keep making music that, I love and playing great shows to people that like my music."

20. What is your advice for young DJs that are just at the start of a DJ life?

"Start making music that you love and don't follow whats hot."

21. A message for all the people out there who love electronic music.

"Love what you do and do what you love! X" 


Interview made by Adriana-Laura L. © 2013 DJs Arena. All rights reserved.