Dirty South – Find A Way feat. Rudy (Music Video)


In August 2015 Dirty South released his single ''Find A Way'' feat. Australian singer Rudy. Now it’s time for the official music video of the single which consists of Dirty South’s “Find A Way” tour (currently hapenning) and Revolt TV appearance among others.

The newest track from Dirty South, ''Find A Way”, features vocals by Rudy, an enchanting melody and emotive lyrics. Sound familiar? It should, because the track has had fans and industry members raving since Dirty South dropped it at Coachella this spring and Ultra Festival. He also played it during his epic 4 hour and 44 minute long set at the iconic Avalon Hollywood on July 4th, a performance that had many praising his versatility as a producer for mixing in everything from dance classics to experimental EDM.

Lyrics such as until our worlds collide, I’ll wait forever give the track a romantic vibe, while Dirty South’s soaring, progressive melodies will make the audience feel like anything is possible. Whether experiencing this track with a special someone or with a thousand strangers at the next festival, “Find A Way” will leave you feeling downright inspired – and ready to rock the dance floor!