AVAION provides an optimistic summer tonic with the powerful She Dance


AVAION follows up recent successes with his latest musical offering, "She Dance", which fits as the soundtrack to a summer that has turned out to be completely different than we all had expected or hoped for. "She Dance" celebrates the bittersweet mood in all of us, the longing we have all felt, and yet, in its own special way, is endlessly intense and optimistic. "She Dance" is a very simple song for all intents and purposes. It's a story about feelings that once were - a former togetherness, the aftermath, and realizing how good everything once was.

With previous singles "When You Go" and "Pieces", AVAION has proven, both to his home country Germany and the wider world, that through his tracks swinging back and forth between melancholy and dance floor, introspective reflection and dreamy and impulsive house beats, he has managed to create his own cosmos. For him, electronic depth comes with much more than just an acoustic touch – he knows no boundaries. I don't stick to any genres or styles. I like to create what I feel, says AVAION. The result of this mindset led him into the Top 50 Apple Music Charts in eight countries, several Spotify Top 100 lists, and an accumulation of over 5.1 million music streams and 2.5 million YouTube views.

To tell this story, AVAION has kept everything as simple as possible and that’s exactly why "She Dance" unfolds as an inescapable appeal that draws you in. It is intentional that it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on the lyrics while you find yourself getting lost in the rhythm. Even the rap verse is mixed in a way that it practically disappears. It was never mainly about the lyrics on my other singles either, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, and rapper from southern Germany explains. Above all, my voice is an instrument. It's cool when people think the lyrics are great, but that's never the intention behind it.

"She Dance" draws from pop, electro, hip-hop, and especially reggae. When I started with music, I didn't know how to achieve this simplicity, so I always did more than necessary. It was often too much. But now, after many years of producing, AVAION knows exactly how to achieve great abundance with a reduced production. Through his debut single "Fucked Up" in 2018, it was immediately clear that this person was a master at his craft, combining electronic and organic instruments with an attitude that had never been experienced before. I want people to recognize me by my sound, without associating me with any specific genre. AVAION has the rare ability to hear a melody and capture that inspiration immediately, and thus "She Dance" was made in just a few days. Probably stemming from the same feeling that also brings forth the urge to move to his music, because in the end, it’s not just she who wants to dance, it’s all of us.

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