Alex Niggemann Interview


1. Hello, Alex! Thank you for accepting our invitation to this interview. 2015 is almost finished - do you believe that it was a good year for the development of your career?

Yes, definitely! I’m really happy.

2. Can you tell us how did you decide to get into the music business? Do you think it's important for a producer to have a strong musical background?    

Well, I was always a musician. I started playing piano early, wrote lyrics and produced as a young teenager and started DJing at the age of 15. For me, it was clear that I wanted to become a professional at a very early stage. That’s why I studied Audio Engineering after highschool. And yes, you can be very good in technical aspects, but if you don’t have any music theory knowledge, you won’t be able to compose or play instruments/synths on your own.

3. On what label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract their attention for them to sign your track? Was it an easy or difficult goal to achieve? 

My first ever release was a remix for Booka Shade on Get Physical in 2006. I luckily was in touch with Walter from BS, who always gave me remix parts to try and learn. At some point they really liked a rework I did and it was released on an EP with Radio Slave and Tiefschwarz.

4. Between music production and DJing, which one is your priority?

Production. But I love both and don’t really want to miss doing either of them.

5. How important do you think it is for DJs to also be producers?

I think it depends what you want to achieve. Nowadays, a DJ without productions or a lot of money to buy press campaigns won’t really get a chance to become successful.

6. If you had to choose one element of your music that defines your music as a whole, what would it be and why?

Diversity. Because I like the challenge when I produce. I mean, people who know my music can recognize the style I produce, but they also know that one song will never sound like the other before.

7. What are your views on the current state of techno and how do you see the genre progressing?

Well, Techno was always there and will always be there. Only the hype changes… And after Loop House and Deep House, now Techno becomes the big thing again.

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8. Techno music was born and raised in Detroit. Why do you think Germany has always been such a strong home for techno?

Well, that’s not totally correct. Actually, it was born in my hometown Düsseldorf. Kraftwerk was the first band that did this certain electronic sound. Speak to Jeff Mills, Derrick May etc. they all got inspired by Kraftwerk! Just recently I saw them posting it again on their FB. But anyways… It became that big especially because after the Wall between East and West Germany fell, there were not too many rules in night life and a lot of underground clubs could dow hat they wanted. The locations, the mood and the music at these times actually built a whole new scene.

9. Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

Denis Horvat. His upcoming AEON EP’s are stunning!

10. Who would you like to remix your music?

Laurent Garnier, Pharell, Kraftwerk.

11. What kind of equipment did you start out with? 

A computer, midi-keyboard and a program called MIDI Orchestra on a floppy disk.

12. What’s your most treasured tool in the studio and what’s so good about it?

The room itself and the monitoring - I have a room in a room studio and 3 different pairs of monitors: K&H, Genelec and Yamaha. For me, a good sounding room and the speakers are the most important things to get a good result.

13. Which was the most memorable event that you have ever played at?

Well, there are a few. But the very first time I played in the Main Room at Space Ibiza, was definitely a highlight, as I had never done something like that and never played to a bigger audience before. It was massive!

14. There are lots of new producers and fans coming into techno now. What tracks should they listen to educate themselves with a history of the genre?

I prefer that they do their own thing, new stuff, new style…bring their own personality into this scene, as there are already too many copies of the copies. We need fresh stuff!

 15. What has been your proudest moment inmusic in your career so far?

There are actually two. Telling my father to stop sending money to support me, when I was 23, as I could live from doing music very early on. He was very proud of me! RIP. Another one was a personal message from Laurent Garnier telling me how much heloves my music, calling me a great producer! He’s my idol… what more could you want?

16. If you had to come up with a slogan to sell an Alex Niggemann DJ set what would it be?

'Expect the unexpected.'

17. What is 2016 holding for you and yourlabels? Can you reveal some plans for the nearest future?

There’s a new single coming up in January, including a remix from Nathan & Mathew Jonson aka Midnight Operator, and after a darker/more techno influenced period of releases, there will be some more musically influenced releases and collaborations, also, some non 4-to-the-floor ones. On AEON there will be EP’s from my homies: Speaking Minds, Denis Horvat and Jona (who will also release his album in February 2016).

18. Do you have a message for all the people out there who love electronic music?

Stop Filming Start Dancing! ;-)

         Alex Niggemann’s new release “Divergent” is out now on AEON!


       To get a taste of Alex Niggemann’s DJing style you can listen to his AEON Podcast Mix!

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