ALBUM OUT NOW-”FUNKERMAN-HOUSE FOR ALL” Attention all Funkers! I am proud to present my first artist album “HOUSE FOR ALL” !! You can listen to all the full versions of the tracks in my “releases” playlist! I wanted House For All to represents all that I loves about house music. Yet it is also indicative of a desire to take the genre I am most passionate about to a wider audience. Whilst house is and will probably always be my true love, I also wanted to explore a wide variety of musical styles including pop, rock and funk. I think me and Raf brought all these influences to bear on this album. To create House For All I have corralled a mix of vocal artists, each bringing something fresh and adding some unexpected dimensions to the record’s overall ambience. Those involved invariably pride themselves on their eclecticism and their ability to perform and create music across a range of styles. I feel privileged to have work with you guys, so a special thanks to Ida Corr, Tara McDonald, I-Fan, Mitch Crown, Andy & Dorothy Sherman, Jay Colin, MC Gee and LEFT! The first single of the album is called “Unconditional Love” featuring Ida Corr. The package includes a radio edit + two special remixes for in the club; the energetic “House For All Remix”, and the “Crush On You Remix” which is a more groovy version. I hope you like it! Love & Respect, Fman

Funkerman Feat. Ida Corr - Unconditional Love (House For All Mix)
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